Monday, 28 May 2012

Stunning day at Trent Lock

Nottingham Emmanuel School and Jennie Pedley at Trent Lock
Friday 26th of  May
What a stunning day was had by all.
Unwrapping the beautiful Cargo made by the other artists and groups.
‘Its Christmas come early' they cried, each bringing a pile of parcels.

We were all stunned by the work and treated it all very carefully (however it may look in this photo) as we unrolled it along the 70ft boat.
The Cargo was so enjoyable we barely had time to walk,  sketch and assist with opening the lock gates

and go with Hungry Heron to explore the canal,

river, railway arch and wildflower meadow, let alone make shadows at the end of the day.
Jennie Pedley

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  1. some lovely photos Jennie - especially fond of H.Herons shadow appearing with you all looking at the lock gate