Saturday, 26 May 2012

Jennie Pedley invites you to meet Hungry Heron

Meet Hungry Heron, part of my cargoe. Last Sunday at home I tried out my DIY shadow theatre cargoe kit with my partner Adrian holding the screen and son Rowan meeting Hungry Heron.
Rowan was very rude to HH, who was shocked. I am holding the torch. It is a three person job, more if you are taking photos.
Yesterday on Tinkers Leen
 unpacked from its blue portfolio,  Hungry Heron beds down in Nottingham lace made on the antique Nottingham machines, in scotland as the industry did not continue locally.
HH is holding one of my London Olympic 1908 and 1948 Mini Shadow Theatres, which contains added content made by the children of Long Eaton school.The Mini Shadow Theatres can be lit by an electronic tealight stored on the boats in a black box, alonside an adapted torch to light the screen.
One of the scenes in the Mini Shadow Theatre to be found on Megan.
Jennie introduces Hungry Heron at the cross over festivities.
Jennie Pedley

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