Friday, 9 November 2012

Cargoes at Derby

It seems only right and proper that we give the latest (I cannot bring myself to say final)  stage of the Cargoes tour a mention on the blog. It was a fabulous opportunity to exhibit the work and for Kathy and I be involved with a special open day event at Derby Silk Mill Museum. Kathy's original recording of a walking tour of the bells of Loughboro inspired and delighted the participants . They were then able to do their own listening and looking  tour of the museum. Not so many bells, but plenty of clanking and banging of engines and machinery. Wow ! what a brilliant museum, Kathy and I were in our element. 

listening drawing (bells) 

                                           looking and listening (inspired by the museum)


Wednesday, 11 July 2012

It's a Wonderful World

Caroline's playing of Kathy's piece (3rd July, Memorial Tower Loughborough) was incredible, and to be followed by a visit to the Carrilon tower itself could only really be summed up by Caroline's playing of It's a Wonderful World.  
 It is indeed a Wonderful World  !! 

A few favourite photos from a favourite day. Wow ! What a joyous and inspired project it has been

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Tea set

Some more pieces of the crockery set for Charles. These pieces relate more to the previous BBC World Service laser installation on Borough Hill, Daventry and also Kathrine's sound piece (plus a bit of surprise for Charles when he opens the sugar bowl).

Carillon Tower

Oh my what a wonder the Carillon Tower is in Loughborough and what an absolute delight to hear Kathy's final piece played by Caroline on the 3rd July whilst the Torch procession was occuring. Kathy's piece was magnificent and it was a total privilege to have been present to hear it played in the fantastic structure.  It was the perfect ending to a tremendous project which I think far outstripped it's brief.  Huge big well done to everyone.
Here are a couple of photos that Rick took of the Carillon Tower as seen in my sun burning unit which of course also acts as a camera obscura.


Monday, 9 July 2012

Tea set

Some more pieces of the Cargoes tea set for Charles' canal journey to Northamptonshire.

Jo Fairfax