Friday, 25 May 2012

A Great Week of Cargoeing ...

... Monday was a fabulous day for many reasons: Mainly having us all there together for the first time. It was great to meet Charles, Jennie and Michael at last, having cooed over their work so far, to meet Jo again properly, and of course to see Chrys (always a pleasure cabin-mate!).
It goes without saying that seeing Debs and Megan again was like coming back to a familiar holiday destination with associated fond memories.

Secondly was the opening of Jennie, Charles and Jo's cargoes. Lots more cooing all round. Beautiful stuff and loads to get the response taste buds flowing.

I don't want to jump the gun too much here but with some ideas already brewing for my final response, it all started coming together when we opened the envelopes and the crate. After a couple of research visits to Beaumanor Hall and Bletchley over the next two days, here's a visual clue as to my immediate response and the direction the cargoes are sending me:

(Hope you like this one Charles)


The recordings I made of the deciphering machines could not be separated out from the sound of a loom, if you had to choose. Long strings of paper, thread, lace, sounds, waves, walks ... etc. This is really exciting. 

Can't wait to see where it goes next. 



  1. great pics. oh I wish I had come with you
    can't wait to see what is install...

  2. Art meet code breaking - this is going to be brilliant!

  3. These are terrific. I have wanted to visit here for ages. I like the loom/code/ links. This project could bat back and forth for a lot longer - should make for a stimulating final showing. That's going to be quite a challenge. Great stuff.