Monday, 30 April 2012

Walking Scores by Foxton Beavers

True to the spirit of Ignite : 'Action Research' was key to the success of a great session with the 
Foxton Beavers.
Michael and I enjoyed the planning stage of the workshops at Foxton to the extent that we were refining and improving the outline of the session through the afternoon running up to the workshop..... we were were well prepared, but the 10 minutes we had spare before meeting Gill (group leader)  proved to be one of those magical and inspirational opportunities that can only ever happen if you let it.
We had a wander along the towpath, Michael recording as we walked. It was brilliant.  The different sounds underfoot along with the birds, a passing boat, a gust of wind,  a distant car, then sheep then more birds.... it was fantastically well orchestrated.... Wow !!
Michael being the genius that he is, uploaded the sounds in time for us to use with the Beavers.
The Beavers were a joy - they imagined they were on a walk and then drew the recorded sounds while they were being played ( on a loop )..... the textures, colour, scale and drawing tools enthusiastically and intelligently used to depict what they heard.
We then had a bit more fun creating 'live' sounds to draw.
Wow! An exceptional group of young visionaries. It was a session made all the more pleasurable because of the setting and the support we were given. Thank you Gill. Thank you Gill's team of helpers.

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