Thursday, 29 March 2012

Cargoes update.

We are all getting very excited about the launch of the Cargoes project on the 16th April, which is just over two weeks away!

It will be taking place in Loughborough and will mark the setting off of the two narrowbaots - Megan and Tinkers Lean. The artist Kathrine Sandys, one of the artists who will be working with the 'Cultural Cargo' throughout the project, has some great ideas to make the launch a really spectacular event that will get the project off to an amazing start!

We have a variety of community groups and schools booked on to the boats to do workshops with four different artists along the way, adding to the Cultural Cargo. If your community group would like to get involved then let us know!

Also, look out for a variety of events along the route, including a celebration of a 100 days to the Paralympics in Leicester on the 21st May.

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