Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Northamptonshire leg?

The Northamptonshire leg of Cargoes has started! Graham Callister (Northamptonshire County Council) kindly took me around the beautiful Northamptonshire countryside in search of a potential site for Cargoes. There were several which I loved, and one in particular which really resonated for me - the ex BBC transmitter site on Borough Hill, Daventry. Near to the Grand Union Canal and great views over Northamptonshire. The site was used for the World Service transmissions, a point where the cargo of information departed. The World Service transmissions started their broadcast with 'Daventry Calling'. We are currently seeking permission to use this amazing site. Fingers crossed.

Jo Fairfax

The two four legged pylons are the ones with these large foundation blocks. Northamptonshire's man made standing stones. Terrific!

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