Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Sywell Echo (Sywell Country Park Northamptonshire)

Sywell Echo by day

Sywell Echo at twilight 

Sywell Echo by night

Sywell Echo is a beautiful and innovative artwork by Charles Monkhouse which simply gets better and better the more time you spend with it - I encourage you to go and visit, (it is on for this week only) allow yourself time to wander around the site and watch the poles / lights move in the breeze ....and then as night falls, gaze at the reflection in the water.  The meanderings of the lights following the route of the original river, each light hovering as high above the water as the bed lies below.... the 'ghost' of the river made visible as a reflection. I would not want to spoil the mystery by revealing its technical 'secrets' but there are many... and many many hours  (days in fact) of hard work. The Sywell team done good !! Thank you.
The associated workshops with school groups and adults continue. Thank you Sally Anne Blaise, Joel Stickley and Sue Stewart, we look forward to poems, pros and other inspired words.

 Breath of Fresh Air arts programme have linked up with Northamptonshire 'Flow'  to support and help make this project happen - more information on this and other Flow projects

and thank-you Charles and Rick for the photos

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