Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Night Walks

The walks were brilliant, but how could they not be ? the artwork being such a wonderful spectacle and the evenings being so beautiful !!   What added to this was sharing the experience with such lovely people.  There were conversations about trusting our senses, noticing the difference in the air,  dark not being so dark, the sky having unexpected colour, and taking real delight in getting involved with something different.

The subtlety of the artwork became very relevant and very human; the comments and anecdotes say it all.
"it really flows "
"the ripple effect is so cool"
"is it about light and water being the most important things in life?"
"can we keep it ?"
"we have been to see it every day, I bring the grandchildren"
"it's like therapy...meditation"

We also learnt that it caught the imagination of a local schoolchildren - prompting a project on aliens!!

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