Thursday, 21 June 2012

Walking on Monday 18th June with the narrow boat Megan along the Grand Union Canal

Drawing Flag Irises found in the canal
For the first part of the journey (Thurmaston Lock to Birstall Lock) I travelled on the boat with Debra, the skipper, from Nottingham City Council and her group booking.  On the boat were Rachel, John and their group of young people from Newark.  I asked Debra to hold some of the Mountain Labels on loan from Alec Finlay as we travelled down the Grand Union  Canal.  This was so that I could continue my walking theme of overlaying the memories of walking, and contouring in Skye, Torridon and Glencoe on to my walking in the East Midlands, and along the canals.

Thank you to Rachel who took the photographs of me walking beside Megan, John for cups of tea and the young people for their interest and helpfulness, and Debra for letting me jump on and off the boat, and handing over camera and labels without dropping anything in to the canal.
Stopping to let me off Megan so that I can begin my walk beside the narrow boat

Debra and John waving me on
My route along the Grand Union Canal from Leicester to Loughborough

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