Thursday, 21 June 2012

Mencap and Gateway Centre, Melton Mowbray

My final Cargoes workshop could not have been a happier and more inspiring day...... talk about ending on a high.!
The first two sessions were with 8-13yrs,  with clipboards, cameras and our own special projects we set out across town to the park, and then back to the centre to transfer our findings onto a shared artwork. This was punctuated with songs with Harry ( Frankie Valli and other 50's and 60's favourites) and generous supplies of tea and biscuits. Am still humming 'Walk Like a Man' days later.

My heart sank when they left .... and then the  rain began to fall. The following session with the adult group had to be confined to HQ, because of the rain, but hey, 70 'round' things in one hour in one room must be a record by Olympic or any other standard!! Lots of other inspired projects and then a good time was had drawing recorded sounds. A great day, and a great quote for us - 'usually when we do art projects, we don't do this much thinking' !!

Thank you for a great day, Lorraine and all your helpers.

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