Monday, 21 May 2012

The Foxton Beavers and their Canal and Field Walk

Gathering around me in a large circle the Foxton Beavers made me very welcome.

We took the 'sound' drawings, that they had made with Chrys and Michael, for a walk along the canal tow path, over the foot bridge and in to a huge arable field.

Drawing outside, when it has been raining, isn't always such an easy thing to do.  We worked around a lively breeze by finding a more sheltered area away from the canal.  The Beavers added to their 'sound' drawings by depicting plants, and other bits and pieces that they had collected along the canal side.  We then all had a go at making little drawings on labels and temporarily tying these to the edge of the crops.

Thanks to some good local knowledge we were able to pick our way back around some very muddy paths and puddles and make our route a circular one.

Thank you to all the Beavers, their Leader Gill and all of her enthusiastic helpers.

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