Thursday, 26 April 2012

First night and workshop on a narrow boat for Jennie

I spent last night on Megan, she was moored in Sandiacre, north of Long Eaton, in the rain. Amy from Ignite was soaked on her scooter on her way to introduce me to Megan.

It was quite an induction in the basics of light, heat and toilets ready for my night ahead and to host a school workshop the next day. My first night on a long boat, I had imagined a tranquil setting, not next to a busy junction.

I went to visit the Attenborough Nature Reserve to plan a family drop in workshop for the13th of May. What a wonderful eco building, on an island, with swifts swooping around and grebes performing their mating dances. I have a fabulous room to use or if it stops raining by May we can be in the garden.

After a quiet dinner back on Megan, I walked the towpath to Sandiacre Lock in a brief dry period. This was the toll house at the meeting place of the Erewash and Derby canals. The Derby canal is filled in and is now a footpath.
The heavens opened on the way back but Megan was welcoming. The narrow beds were narrow but the bottom bunks are pretty cosy, its hard to choose when there are so many available.

This morning eight children and two teachers came to visit me on Megan and we really enjoyed Kathy's piece. The children explored the boat thoroughly, brass rubbing  and drawing everything in sight.
We had a picnic lunch on board and walked to Sandiacre lock.
Later we made animations of Megan and water birds moving along the canal, using my Mini Shadow Theatre kits. Inspired by Kathy's work, we filmed some of them with added sound effects. More images of the workshops and mini animations to follow.
Jennie Pedley

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