Thursday, 26 April 2012

Boats and lasers

Diving in to the Cargoes project with a great visit to the boat moored in Leicester and then a laser sketch for further development.

Firslty. Wow, great to be on board the Leicestershire moored boat. Michael and I visited Watermead Country Park accompanied by all the birds in Britain. The narrow boat lived up to its name - could equally have been called a very long boat too!

Michael directed me to the Cargo. Kathrine has set the tumbling project in motion with some marvellous things - I won't spoil it for others with details - but they are terrific and supply a lot to go on. Thank you.

We then went to Borough Hill for a laser test and I think connections are being made.

Heres the journey:

Michael and I arrived on the boat and were greeted by the Captain.

I know enough now about BoFA to realise that this isn't just a swan - theres more to it than that......

So first the Captains blog - 

Very entertaining to date, particularly given that Captain Swan lacks an opposable thumb

Now for the Cargo. Terrific bag for starters! If it goes missing, I'd check either of the Fairfax's cars.

 Kathrines cargo is fascinating. A real treat and generously helpful for connections

 Hmm, pathways and connections

 I love this element, as did Michael.
 Now for the technology. I am a softy for technology, so this hit the right spot. Thanks Kathrine
 And the packaging - thats how cargo should be packaged. In fact that is how everything should be packaged.
 From that marvellous experience we went to meet Chrys at Borough Hill to undertake our first laser test. These two images are from Ian Brock.

Finally, Daventry Museum kindly gave me this image of the transmitter which gave the last BBC World Service transmission at Borough Hill, Daventry. The site where cargo left the UK to the whole world.
Thank you so much for the experience to date.



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  2. Wow Joe, I love that image of the "ghostly mast". You can't beat a bit of laser action for maximum impact really, can you!
    Now if you could just pop one of those fellas in the cargo bag when you're done ... for safe keeping, you understand !!