Thursday, 22 September 2011

There will be a night walk.

There will be a walk between Rothwell and Desborough in darkness (and light) - it will be an opportunity to follow a path under the light of a silvery half moon and a laser beam. To say I will be 'leading' the walk it too strong a word, it will be informal, following the marked footpath between Rothwell and Desborough. 

Jo has kept us up to date with 180' of light . I joined them for a test last week and it was fantastic. It MUST be experienced.  As the photos show, the artwork involves lasers travelling across the night sky connecting Beanfield, Rothwell and Desborough -  of course this is all very high tech -  those of us walking will be able to appreciate the artwork and the environment at a gentle pace; as a more ‘grounded’ experience. At night, the sounds, smells and undulations of the ground will define and inform the route. The connections with the landscape, lasers and landmarks will be unlike other walks; it will be Northamptonshire  - but not as we know it.
There will be markers along the route and a map for those wishing to do the walk independently. (see below)
I will be there tomorrow to set out the markers etc and witness the first night of the project going live, and then .... sunday eve (25th Sept) Rick and I will be walking the route and I'll be there again same time same place Oct 2nd (meeting 8pm Rothwell water tower), do join us for the walk.
 It is an amazing artwork. Well done Jo, really looking forward to it going live.
 There are more photos and more info at


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