Thursday, 11 August 2011

From inspiration to design

Next up in our exploration of Newstead & Annersley Country Park was a model making session at the village fun day.  We used the ideas of things that were needed which we generated on the walk to set a brief to people and gave them some found materials to demonstrate their designs.
Found materials for our budding designers.

Getting to grips with scale by designing against views of the site.
An amazing leaf roof which inspired ideas of leaf patterned branding irons.

Stacking logs to make seats could be a good use of materials from the park.
Or lining up logs to make a sturdy wall would use some of the thinnings taken from woodland on the park.

We had an amazing day and are super excited about moving up a scale and building full size.  A huge thanks to all our young model makers who made some gorgeous models and proudly took them home.

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