Monday, 18 July 2011

Wildlife Watcher from Watermead Park to Abbey Primary School

make:good had lots of fun last week working with a Year 6 group from Abbey Primary School to build a wildlife watcher based on their designs and models from our visit to Watermead Park.

First though, we had to get the wood from the park.... and get it turned into these lovely planks.

Once the frame was built, we were ready for the fun to start - as you can see, the group really got stuck into the whole process of finding and measuring the wood pieces to fit, cutting them to size and then nailing them to the frame....

... a few hours later and the work was done. We think it's a lovely leaving gift from the Year 6's to the children in the years behind them. Well done to you all! 

To quote one student "It's our legacy" and a fine legacy it is too!

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