Saturday, 16 July 2011

Hands On !!

The workshops at Vicar Water were pretty lively to say the least. A succession of activities which really worked to underline the importance of Vicar Water in the lives and learning of the local schools and community.
Their success was mainly due to the team work : Teachers, parents, social club staff, group leaders, Gill (at Greenwood), Keith (Ranger at Vic.Water) Grace (workshop leader extraordinaire) Hasmita (wonderful and willing helper) and of course the school children themselves...... the list goes on.... It was full on and hands on . What a week. It is only now having read evaluations and taken a look at the work and photos produced by the workshop participants I fully appreciate how unique Clipstone is.

Our return visit will be for the open day on 4th September. We might not be the ones carrying a Union Jack at the Olympics Opening Ceremony 2012, but hey, we will have flags and banners made at the Breath of Fresh air workshops to carry at the crocodile walk around Vicar Water on Sept 4th.  No contest in my view.

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