Saturday, 12 May 2012

Walking Workshops in Leicester

Things have worked out rather well this week - that great god of cargoes who places things in magical alignment has been on top form all week . The success of 'Light Calling' has been well documented - the workshops in Leicester have yet more delights to report.

Brightsparks at Embrace Arts were up for a walk and some drawing. They loved Kathy’s Loughborough bells recording and with that in mind we went out  - focussing on one aspect of a walk,  ( leaves, rocks/stone, flowers, rubbish, ... the choice was theirs) drawing, collecting and photographing along the way.  The walk we followed was ‘Peace Walk’ in the nearby park ....yes... a memorial walkway... and  a poignant connection with Kathy’s work.

 a walk of flowers by Pat

a walk of stones and rocks by Sue

The next day a group from Maplewell Hall School joined me at the narrow boat, they too were inspired by Kathys bell recording .... AND ...   there is yet more joyful serendipity... their  next 'enrichment' trip was to be to the Carillon in Loughborough would you believe? 
Our walk around the locks and nature reserve involved looking at things that were man-made , things that moved,  leaves, things which were not green and Rachel wanted to find butterflies, but as there were none she made some from leaves .... brilliant solution.

Rachels butterflies

the man made

and Jack's leaves

a very productive and enjoyable morning. ..... and am pleased to say that there were a few 'personal bests' achieved by the Maplewell Hall team.
Well done all, staff and participants alike .

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