Saturday, 19 May 2012

Meadow C.P. School, Wigston Scrolls

Meadow C.P. School, classes 4b and 4a take to the task of sound drawing and here are the scrolls, these two films are the results.  The classes were fabulous and really took to the idea of drawing sounds.  The initial part of these workshops are listening to the sounds of Watermead park and 4a were the first group out of all the schools to listen to the sounds of the locks and weirs, so their drawings had a different style to them.  These scrolls are all made after listening to live sounds around their schools and again are all different.
I was also very impressed with the teaching and assistance staff, their embraces of the difficult concept and the way they took it to their pupils, many saying they would bring this approach to their teaching in future, which as far as Chrys and I are concerned is as good as it gets.

Best answer from 4a:  Chrys asked if any of them new what a cargo was?  reply; has it anything to do with Chicago?  brilliant.


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