Sunday, 11 September 2011

Vicar Water Event Day

Although it wasn't the sunny sunday we were hoping for (the day was about as grey and grim as could be to be honest) we remained in good spirits: Gill's singing, Black Pig's Dancing, Rick's rendition of 'Singing in The Rain' and delicious chips, were just some of the delights of the day.

The plan was for a crocodile walk around Vicar Water lake, we had the flags and banners ready and remained hopeful that the sun would shine and the crowds would gather ........ 60 (not including dogs) joined us  - which for a damp sunday was pretty good, moreover, thats 60 people who enjoyed being on the walk, chatting about the flags, the Park, Breath of Fresh Air, the community archaeology vest I was wearing and yes: the weather. Well worth it .

The fantastic flags made by school groups and community groups will be featured in the book Grace is putting together about Vicar Water - the habitats, inhabitants and their habits. So more from Vicar Water to follow


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