Thursday, 25 August 2011

We get chopping in Newstead!

Now we know we are going to be building shelters, benches and composting toilets in Newstead & Annersley Country Park we started getting people together for harvesting timber and chopping in into logs!

We got Annersley Youth Club into the park with their parent helpers to thin some of the trees out and provide us with building material. 

It was an amazing bonding experience and the whole team shouted 'timber' as they felled 9 trees in an hour.
We took the felled timber to the Sure Start Family day in Newstead last Saturday and set out a show and tell of all the cool things we've been doing.
It was a great day and wonderful to see children taking risks in a safe environment and growing in confidence with the saws.
The pile of logs chopped at the end of the session made everybody proud and we are excited to start the building sessions next week.

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