Sunday, 12 June 2011

Vicar Water.

For most of this week I have been a slave to my computer, my only contact with the outside world has been the sound of the rain on my studio roof (and the drips of the leaks!!) . Seeing the fabulous photos from Millers Dale and hearing about the fun being had at Saltfleetby has left me a little envious to say the least....... but hey, on friday I got to go to Vicar Water Park, Cipstone near Mansfield . You may not know this, but it has the second highest headstock in Europe and has re landscaped the colliery spoils to make the most stunning parkland. It also has some of the friendliest most helpful people you would want to meet. I had a great day, not just because the sun came out and it didn't rain until I was leaving, I got to go for a walk across the heathland..... WOW!! ........AND........I was able to meet some of the those who are helping to bring the Breath of Fresh Air project together. Richard and Janice at the Welfare Club have booked us one of their rooms as a studio for the week, Keith is on for leading nature trails,  Gill from Greenwood has been busy getting schools involved to make flags and banners, Pam has got the youth club on board, Iris and the bingo playing Circle club have a few stories to tell for the book (We have been promised edited highlights from their courting days !!!) Gina has invited us to get involved with the BBQ at Rumbles ..... John (historian) is going to work with Grace on the book.....  the list goes on...... all this with little fuss and a lot of generosity.   I only wish there was more time for Grace and I to do more workshops in Clipstone, a week seems hardly enough.

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